Engine Room Gallery Belfast
Ashley Holmes, Aileen Kelly, Grace McMurray

Three contemporary artists come together to create ECHO, an exhibition of drawing, painting, textile and sculpture that explores life in a man-made era, rich with technological advances yet impoverished by redundancies and conflict left in the wake.

American born artist Ashley B. Holmes paints suburban houses from her hometown that seem to float in bubbles of Calico or Chintz patterns, as if nature were one big soft furnishing, surveying the irony of a community so keen on ‘climate control’ leading the march, with a great big carbon footprint, toward climate change.

London based artist, Aileen Kelly’s stark, stitched, line drawings on fabric render form minimally in a vast white void as if the world were blown out by emotion to articulate grief caused by violence and conflict and the human capacity to endure.

Emerging, Belfast based artist, Grace McMurray’s collaged images incorporate fashion models, geometric patterns and personal history creating labour intensive drawings and patchwork quilts that suggest the fragmentation and reconstruction of a person into a commodity.

This exhibition echoes patterns in communities affected by progressing technology and the strain put upon the fabric of a world that is changing fast.

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