If you would like to support my practise, you can buy my work at Gallery545, Framewerk gallery, you can contact me on to discuss prices or you can buy me a cup of coffee by donating to my paypal account

Artists in Focus: Contemporary Art of Northern Ireland‘ is currently in the Island Arts Center and runs until 23rd Nov

I am a member of Array Collective featuring in ‘Collaborate! ‘ a new group exhibition presenting commissions by early-career artists working in collaborative and collective practices based across the UK. This is showing at the Jerwood Space London until the 15th December

Array’s new installation As Others See Us is centered on three fictional characters drawn from the pre-Christian myths and folklore of ancient Ireland, ‘The Sacred Cow’, ‘The Long Shadow’ and ‘The Morrigan’. Representing the past, present and future and cross-bred with contemporary anxieties and fixations in the North of Ireland today, they have shape-shifted through the crowds at Belfast Pride to the banks of the River Thames in London. Documented through film, photography, sculpture and textiles, the characters lead visitors through the gallery which houses a dedicated archive and resource space that reflects historic and current activism in Northern Ireland around LGBTQ+ rights, feminism and anti-colonialism.

On December 9th, Array will host a symposium at Jerwood Arts that expands on their collective research, opening the discussion to like-minded artists and activists from different generations todirectly respond to the issues raised in the work, exploring the tensions and possible resolutions.


Array are featuring in #fromtheotherside a mass participatory artwork for bankside from 27 September – 13 october at the globe tavern

The Irish News featured my Royal Academy award

irish news

I have won the Arts Club award at the Royal Academy 251st Summer Exhibition for my work ‘George Michael’. It was in Room VIII which was curated by Bob and Roberta Smith, ‘George Michael’ is available to view online


The Expanded Studio Project, which invites dialogue and exchange between 14 Belfast-based visual artists, and 14 counterparts from Nottingham, will be showcasing my collaborations with Louisa Chambers, Marek Tabolewski and Georgina Barney in Primary on Saturday 27th September.


I have worked with Gross Net (Philip Quinn) in his two new music videos ‘Gentrification‘ and ‘Of Late Capitalism‘, taken from the new album, ‘Gross Net Means Gross Net’.

Frank Deserto on has said of ‘Gentrification‘ –
‘The video, conceived, directed, and starring Gross Net and Grace McMurray, is a swirling haze of color and shadowplay, all set against swells of city life. Quinn gently strums his guitar and performs the track, with McMurray covering him in silken spiderwebs, a fitting allusion to the song’s take on love and loss against a city landscape.’youtueb

M Magazine writes ‘Of Late Capitalism’-
‘Fuelled by political upheaval in the UK and US, the refugee crisis and the consequences of present-day capitalism, Quinn has taken Gross Net’s sound into dystopian territories.’still of late capitalism

I have been shortlisted for the Zealous Stories Drawing Competition with the project ‘Woven Polyhedra’


I am featured in the Art & Museum Magazine Spring 2019 issue which is now live. ‘Butterfly and Bee’ an interview with Derek Culley is on pages 36-37. You can also find it on their website in the Spring 2019 issue #familyofficemag

QSS has moved to a new location- The Arches Centre 11-13 Bloomfield Avenue Belfast BT5 5AA To arrange a studio visit please email


I am pleased to announce I have received an award from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland’s Lottery funds under the General Art Award Scheme towards the cost of equipment.ACNI_LF_289_4CP.jpg

The Royal Academy website features ‘Monochrome Isometric Weave’

I have received a Preliminary Certificate of Proficiency in Beekeeping from the Federation of Irish Beekeepers’ Associations. Here is Colour Palette (Infinity Farm) commissioned by Infinity Farm for the rooftop of the Skainos Centre. They promote the health and wellbeing of urban communities by connecting organisations, people, plants and bees in Belfast.

photograph by Stephen Millar review of the Jerwood Drawing Prize featuring my work
‘Cutcomb Polaroid’ has been included as a featured drawing in a publication Drawing: Research, Theory, Practise ISSN 2057-0384 (Print); ISSN: 2057-0392 (Online)
Drawing: Research, Theory, Practice promotes and disseminates drawing research with a focus on contemporary practice and its theoretical context. This journal seeks to reestablish the materiality of drawing as a medium at a time when virtual, on-line, electronic media dominates visuality and communication. Intellect Ltd.
arts council use image of work to publicise QSS Gallery Launch
Moments of inception’ review blog
Precursor’ review blog
Lotti featuring in the Photogallery of the Hong Kong Visual Arts Center