Synthetic Aesthetics
Leitrim Sculpture centre
Majella Clancy, Nuala Gregory, Lydia Holmes, Fiona Larkin, Sinead McKeever, Grace McMurray, Doris Rohr

The works presented in this group-show from Belfast offer a wide range of interpretations on how cultural identity has become constructed and restrained. The title Synthetic Aesthetics refers to artificiality and hybridization, as processes of making and transforming media. Contributions take the shape of painting, sculpture, installation, drawing and video. Synthetic aesthetics makes reference to science as a dominant method and ideology of the 20th and 21st Century, asking the viewer to re-imagine and to reconsider their understanding of culture. Culture informs and infiltrates every aspect of our lives and our environments. The Other of culture is presumed to be the natural, or the raw, not-fabricated. Within this the dichotomy of nature/culture, our environment, memories and certainties about a sense of presence become subjected to interrogation.

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