My work is a process of making and remaking geometric digital patterns.  I incorporate the use of patchwork, weaving, etching, embroidery and delicate drawings. These labour intensive processes allow an intimate and fragile relationship to form between the art, the viewer and myself as the artist.
Each stitch or line is a mark, that initiates patterns and in turn associations. Each colour pattern evokes the 3D within the 2D, organic structures become ornate, craft based with a fine art context.
I set out to create the emotional landscape of literary works, specifically referencing the recurring themes of fear and loss in the poetry of Sylvia Plath. This is evident in my recent honeycomb patterns which signify a pathos with the writer.
Artists that I draw inspiration from are Amanda Ross Ho, Julie Cockburn, Angela Bulloch and Freddie Robins.

©2018 Grace McMurray