I am crafting my own hive, a personal guarded utopia.
I interpret and reconstruct images from books, magazines and more recently, personally composed geometric digital patterns.  The process of the work is very important to me, with the use of patchwork, embroidery, mosaic and delicate drawings, these labour intensive processes allow an intimate, fragile relationship to form between the art, and the artist and viewer.  Each stitch or tile is a mark, that initiates patterns and in turn associations.
My patterns allow organic structures like honeycomb, hair, and the female form to become ornate.
I have been forming personal associations with Sylvia Plaths poetry on bees, and its mirroring of a father/daughter relationship.  In my most recent work, I have been creating a honeycomb pattern, as a form of processing fear and personal loss into a sense of structure.
Artists that I draw inspiration from are Amanda Ross Ho, Julie Cockburn, Angela Bulloch and Freddie Robins.

©2017 Grace McMurray