Grace McMurray reconstitutes ideas of drawing and traditional craft methods through the relationship between the digital and the handmade.

Employing geometric patterns and symmetry to construct a soothing familiarity, the ostentation of the work strives for visibility.

The objects exude order and purpose in an attempt to counteract imposter syndrome, with the illusion of control.

Through this deeply personal work reflexive upon the spaces they occupy and exist in, McMurray finds beauty in the underside, the exposed edges and the overlooked.

Some of the sculptures take on elements of self-portraiture, interrupting the binaries of self and the domestic, taking up space that has not been afforded due to class and gender.   The domestic is political, questioning the dichotomies of distinctions of space and value of labour. 

McMurray attempts to reconstruct a sense of self, the psychogeography of the body, considering loss, isolation and relationships.  Reflections upon shame and trauma navigate the semantics of softness.  

©2022 Grace McMurray